Restorative Treatments



60 min. | 65.00

Receive a rejuvenating Reiki treatment enhanced with vibrational sound, smudging & quartz crystals. Enjoy the aroma therapy from all natural therapeutic grade essential oils diffused during your session.


Reiki is channeled life force energy that is pure love & light. This energy promotes balance within the body, mind & soul.  It is useful for clearing ones energy field & facilitates spiritual connection. 

* * *


60 min | 65.00

 Enjoy a stimulating Reflexology treatment, followed by a relaxing foot massage using organic coconut oil & a hot towel wrap infused with all natural therapeutic grade essential oils.

Among this ancient treatments many benefits, regular Reflexology treatments can  help to improve circulation, increase energy, reduce inflammation & eliminate toxins in the body.

                                          * * *


 R & R Treatment

90 min | 115.00

 Optimize your experience with a combination of Reiki & Reflexology                 
* * *

A Reflexology Treatment, foot massage & hot towel foot wrap are followed by a relaxing 30 minute Reiki  Treatment enhanced with vibrational sound & smudging.


 Divine Blends Signature Special

2 hrs.| $130.00

 This treatment helps to bring spiritual insight & emotional  well-being.

 Package includes a Relaxing Reiki Treatment and an Intuitive Reading

    * * *    

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